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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CLA Board Members Meet with Key Corps Personnel at Canton Lake Project Office.

In a meeting held Friday, April the 8th, 2016 some members of the CLA Board met with Don Underwood the new Natural Resources Manager and other support personnel with the Corps of Engineers at Canton Lake to discuss several topics. 

Mr. Underwood has taken over the duties formerly held by Kathy Carlson as the project manager at Canton Lake. He has been active in the Corps for over 33 years and recently came to Canton from Ft. Supply Lake where he was the manager for several years.

Those in attendance at the meeting were Lake Manager Mr. Underwood, Assistant Lake Manager George Mayfield and Civil Engineer Tech Debbie Chaloupek as well as CLA board members Tom Adams, Troy Everett and Mark Fuqua.

It was a very positive atmosphere and many topics were discussed. To mention just a few, plans for the completion of the camping area below the bridge, purposed improvements to the road entering and exiting that area where it brings you back up onto the dam, the completion of the trailer park that was wiped out of the Canadian area during the tornado and general concessions on the lake. Those topics and many more fueled discussions for over an hour. The CLA let it be known that we are willing to help raise funds for important projects and that we are happy to try and coordinate volunteer manpower when needed for projects around the lake as we have done in the past.

Perhaps one of the best things to come out of the meeting was simply the introduction between the CLA and the new lake management, and the expression between both parties to work together to make Canton Lake the best it can be for all of those who enjoy it. 

It was very encouraging to find out the Mr. Underwood carries a deep desire to make this the people's lake as much as possible. He was very helpful and informative as were all lake personnel and all showed a sincere willingness to receive input from organizations such as the CLA in what we and our members think are important for lake goers.

We are very excited at the opportunities that lay ahead.

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