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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Public Meeting Results

A nice sized crowd was on hand for the Canton Lake Association's public meeting on Thursday evening in the Canton Elementary Gym Complex. Many guest speakers traveled from all corners of the state to share their knowledge and experience in fighting similar water battles that we face with OKC.

 We heard from Legislators and Government Agencies, as well as Grass Roots Organizers and while each of them shared vary valuable information on a vast array of topics, one message was consistent and perfectly clear from all, "KEEP FIGHTING, you are making a difference".

People across the state are taking  notice and an interest in this situation. As the word spreads and the people hear about what is happening here, the Canton Lake situation is becoming more and more talked about and harder for OKC to sweep under the rug. Applying political, as well as public opinion pressure may be all we have for now, but it seems to be helping to shape the future of Canton Lake water in a positive fashion.

As CLA Board members we all knew this wasn't going to be an easy over night fight when we took it up, but we are committed to stay the course. Even if nothing else seems to come from our efforts in the short term, we will keep making those in power in OKC uncomfortable with their decisions to abuse this precious resource.

As President of the CLA stated at the close of the meeting, "We will keep fighting this fight!"  We greatly appreciate all the new members that signed up and we look forward to more of you doing so in the future. Thank you for your support in this battle for our lake. If you have not done so, we invite you to visit our website and join today.

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